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Guaranteed On-Board Program

As avid pet lovers and enthusiasts, we want to ensure that you can safely and comfortably bring your pet along for the adventure. To help make pet air travel safe and effortless, we created the Guaranteed On-Board™ (GOB) program. We have incorporated several major airlines’ rules and regulations into a step-by-step process that ensures your pet in their GOB carrier is guaranteed onboard participating airlines’ flights.

After taking all the necessary steps, should your pet be denied boarding due to your carrier size, we will refund the cost of your domestic flight and your pet’s airline travel fee.

Participating Airlines:


Fill out the form below and submit it to receive an email with a GOB confirmation PDF document, pet travel tips, and recommended pet travel documents to bring with you when you check-in. Safe travels!

The guarantee is void if boarding is denied due to, but not limited to the following reasons:

  • Any issues other than those related to the SIZE of the GOB carrier
  • Not filling out the GOB form accurately or honestly
  • Not printing out & presenting the emailed GOB PDF(s) at check-in
  • Failing to fill out the GOB form per flight
  • Your pet being deemed as a threat to the safety of you, itself, or others
  • Failing to arrive at the gate on time
  • The carrier being damaged or in poor repair/condition
  • Your pet’s safety or health being in question due to non-related carrier issues
  • Being over the limit for carry-on baggage
  • The flight being canceled
  • Voluntarily deciding to not take the flight

To submit a claim for the program, you must have the Guaranteed On-Board™ form filled out accurately and signed by the gate agent with their employee ID stating why the carrier was not allowed on the flight.

The form will need to be sent to the Worldwise, Inc. offices for verification and review. Send a copy of the completed form to: Claims will take up to 4 weeks for a refund.

PLEASE NOTE: The Guaranteed On-Board program is limited to domestic flights within the USA and Canada only. Please note that each airline has its own in-cabin carrier sizing requirements, so not all sizes of carriers included in the program are guaranteed on all airlines and their respective flights.

Guaranteed On-Board Form:

Please use the form below to submit Guarantee On-Board forms.


  • Not all sizes of carrier included in the program are guaranteed on all the airlines listed. Each airline has their own in-cabin carrier sizing requirements.

    As a result, while a certain size of carrier may be allowed on board one airline, it may not be allowed on another. Guaranteed On Board will help you determine if your carrier is compliant with your specific airline’s requirements.

  • Not all airlines are included in the program. This doesn’t mean you can’t fly with your Sherpa on their flights – you’ll just need to check directly with the airline that they’ll allow the carrier or go online to clarify their specific requirements and determine if your carrier meets the criteria. Most airlines have their pet policies listed on their websites and can be easily located if you search “in-cabin carrier sizing requirements”.

  • Airline Approved carriers meet the criteria that all airline require:

    • Must be leak-proof
    • Must safely enclose the pet
    • Must provide adequate ventilation

    However, as each airline has different under-seat sizing requirements, not all sizes are allowed onboard all airlines.

    This does not necessarily mean you can’t fly with your carrier. You’ll just need to check directly with the airline that they will allow it. Many airlines will allow a carrier that slightly exceeds their published dimensions if it is soft-sided and can be pushed down to conform to under-seat dimensions, like a Sherpa carrier. All airline approved Sherpa carriers are soft-sided and feature a special spring wire frame in the rear of the bags which gives them a couple of inches of give in the height, but please be sure to check directly with your airline if the carrier exceeds their published dimensions.

  • The carriers are designed for pets to lie down comfortably, but they should be able to stand up and turn around. They should have enough room to easily reposition themselves while inside. The airline agents will check to make sure your pet is comfortable inside and will deny boarding if they feel the carrier is too small.

    Train your pet! Please give your pet ample time to adjust to the carrier prior to traveling. Leave it out and open and encourage your pet to use it as bed. Make it a safe space for them. Put treats, toys, blankets, etc. inside to make them comfortable. Start with short trips and gradually work up to longer trips, always using positive reinforcement. Always supervise your pet while they are inside. Traveling can be very stressful on our furry friends so please be attentive and keep an eye out for signs of scratching or chewing as the mesh is not indestructible.