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Bring Your Pets Along for the Ride

Sherpa travel products make your pet safe, secure and comfortable for any journey.

A Sherpa pet carrier

Pet Carriers Perfect for Any Adventure

Sherpa pet carriers let your pet travel in safety and comfort. Our wide range of products blend innovative product design with high-quality materials and the most rigorous safety standards in the industry. When it comes to bringing your pet along for the ride, Sherpa pet carriers have you covered.

Pet departing for Delta flight in Sherpa carrier

A Smooth Takeoff with Guaranteed On-Board®

Sherpa relieves the added anxiety of traveling by air with your pet. Guaranteed On-Board is the first and only program that guarantees your pet carrier is compliant with each airline’s specific rules and regulations for pet travel.

Pet carrier with Guaranteed On-Board policy

Safe and Protected on the Road

Sherpa’s crash-tested harnesses and carriers are tested with the same level of rigor as children’s car seats, ensuring your four-legged traveler stays secure and comfortable. And while passengers and pets stay safe for your drive, our collection of stylish and durable auto protection products keep the car clean and protected from wear and tear.

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