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  1. Book reservations for you and your pet early. Most airlines restrict the number of pets allowed on board each flight.
  2. Complete and print your Guaranteed on Board forms, or call your airline for its’ specfic requirements.
  3. Research your distination city’s pet rules & regulations, along with those of where you will be staying.
  4. Prep your pet for travel. Be sure it has a ample time to adjust to its carrier and practive traveling with your pet in the carrier on short trips prior to the big day.
  5. Make an appointment with your vet. Aquire a health certificate and ensure your pet is up-to-date with its shorts no more than 10 days prior to your departure.
  6. Research and create list of local vets and emergeny clinics at your destination.
  7. Be sure you have all of you and your pet’s documentation in order. Do you have your pet’s health certificate? Do you have your Guaranteed On Board forms to show to the gate agent?
  8.  Have your contact info clearly and secruely labled on both your pet’s carrier and on your pet’s tags. 
  9. Pack for your pet in advance so you can be sure nothing is forgotten
  10. Arrive early on your day of departure and allow ample time for you and your pet to check-on and board your flgiht. Plan ahead and know various locations at the airport(s) where you pet can relive itself prior to (and between) flying.