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Car Seat & Cargo Protectors

Car Seat & Cargo Protectors

Sherpa® Auto Travel’s protective covers will keep your car interior in great shape. Sherpa® seat and cargo covers are padded and quilted for comfort with non-slip backing, adjustable to fit most cars, and extend to unprotected areas like the edge of the seat and cargo area. We have covers for passenger seats, back seats, and cargo areas in stylish charcoal gray with blue piping, ensuring it will look good in any car. And keep car seats looking good, despite your pup’s best efforts.

Available Product(s): Single Seat Protector, Hammock Back Seat Protector, Bench Seat Protector, and Cargo Liner

Available Size(s): Adjustable Universal Fit

Available Color(s): Charcoal Gray


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Machine Washable
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  • CAR INTERIOR & SEAT PROTECTION: Protectors’ material is heavy duty, scratch-proof, and protects against dirt, mud, and stains, making it perfect for messy outdoor trips with your pet or to protect your upholstery from everyday ware and tear

  • WATER-RESISTANT: The water-resistant surface guards against accidents, leaks, and spills, providing maximum protection to your upholstery to help keep the interior of your car clean and stain-free

  • NON-SLIP BACKING: Featuring dotted non-skid backing to keep the car seat and cargo protectors from slipping and sliding for the safety of your pet, child, other passengers, and cargo; use the seatbelt openings to securely buckle your loved one in place

  • EASY INSTALL: Protectors are designed with built-in adjustable buckle straps that wrap around car seat headrests; car seat and hammock covers feature foam anchors that sink between the seat base and backrest to further secure the covers to the seat

  • EASY TO CLEAN: The car seat cover is completely machine washable for easy, hassle-free cleaning

  • CASCADING DESIGN: The seat covers extend past the seat base to cover seat edges and the cargo liner extends past the bumper to effectively guard against dirt and scratches to these often unprotected areas

  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN: Bench Seat Cover easily converts from full to partial bench seat coverage by folding the excess under to accommodate for additional passengers; Cargo Liner has elastic-tethered side clips, and built-in hook-and-loop fasteners to adjust the fit to various models of wagons and SUVs

  • HAMMOCK PREVENTS DRIVER DISTRACTION: The Sherpa® Hammock Back Seat Car Protector features a hammock-style barrier designed to keep your dog in the backseat area of a vehicle, minimizing driver distraction for the safety of all pets and passengers

  • STORAGE POCKET:  The Cargo Liner features a convenient storage pocket for storing treats, leashes, poop bags, tools, glasses, and other everyday accessories

  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Hammock Back Seat Protector measures 65″ x 53″ x 0.13″ and fits the backseat area of SUVs, sedans, minivans, and other standard vehicle;

    Cargo Liner measures 69″ x 83″ x 0.13″ and fits the trunk and cargo area of SUVs and wagons;

    Single Seat Protector measures 42″ x 22″x 0.13″ and fits a single bucket seat of any standard vehicle;

    Bench Seat Protector measures 42″x 52″ x 0.13″ and fits in the bench seat of standard vehicles

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our products are backed by our satisfaction guarantee when purchased from an authorized seller; for questions and concerns, please reach out to us using the contact information provided on the back of the product packaging

Polyester Pongee 600D with PVC coated in anthracite

Brush off loose dirt and wash on gentle cycle in cold water. Air dry only.

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